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Parenting Skills Training


Parenting Skills Training Expectant and parenting caregivers receive parenting skills education in a series of classes in both English and Spanish using the evidenced based Nurturing Parenting Curriculum. Through training, coaching, and support services parents increase their ability to nurture healthy child development and lead healthy, productive lifestyles. Concilio is proud to

Post Permanency Services


Post-Permanency Services Post Permanency Services The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) offers Post-Permanency Services (often referred to as post-adoption services) to Pennsylvania families to ensure that families are provided the support they need for the long term to encourage a positive life-long experience for both adoption and foster care programs in

Foster Care


Foster Care Mission: To identify Safe and Loving Homes for Children in the Foster Care System. Unfortunate circumstances require children to be removed from their home and placed in Foster Care. The Foster Care Program at Concilio finds safe and loving homes for children in Philadelphia’s foster care system. We accomplish through

Adoption Services


Adoption Services Concilio prides itself on providing Adoption Services and working with parents interested in adopting a child from the child welfare system. Services are provided in a multi-cultural, non-judgmental and confidential manner. Working with the Foster Care Program, Concilio facilitates the transition from foster parent to adoptive parent. Adoption can be