Concilio & Congreso Partner on East Division Crime Victim Advocacy Project

Concilio and Congreso de Latinos Unidos came together on May 24th for a press conference to announce the new East Division Crime Victim Advocacy Project: a three-tiered, comprehensive partnership to support crime victims in the East Division in Philadelphia. Both agencies will provide trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically relevant, client-centered legal advocacy, crisis counseling, and ongoing case management services.

This new project will provide crisis intervention to 350 victims of non-domestic violence crimes a year as well as advocacy and ongoing case management to 100 victims of crime a year.

“Being a victim of crime is an already traumatizing experience,” says Concilio Deputy Director Julie Pandya Avalos. “We want to ensure that the multiple steps that follow do not compound that trauma, or worse, deter victims from reporting crimes. Concilio, which has years of experience working in the court system through its foster care services, is now using this experience to benefit victims of crime by providing supportive victim advocates during court proceedings.”

Both organizations provide direct service to victims in the 24th, 25th, and 26th police districts, while working with a citywide network of crime victim advocates to refer clients to additional resources.

This program provides support to victims of crimes that include physical or sexual assault, burglary, theft, robbery, identity theft, fraud, financial crime, the survivors of homicide victims and more.

For more information or to receive services call (267) 968-1813.


I just wanted to say that your representative Zuleika Vazquez was very helpful and attentive. I was not familiar with the whole court process and the victims program. She walked me through everything. She even noted that I may feel like I didn’t need assistance now , but I might feel the adverse effects later and it wouldn’t hurt to talk to someone. She even gave me encouragement after i testified. I hope you have more people like her helping victims , and want to applaud the work that is being done in the Hispanic community. She seems like an asset to Concilio and more importantly a great person.

Sincerely ,
Alex Salvat

Alex Salvat, January 25, 2017 at 12:53 PM